Ep 13 DeAnne Joy: No Deathbed Regrets

“Planning for death is a life-affirming act.” My guest for this episode is DeAnne Joy, a fellow soldier in grief and death, and like so many of these conversations, I felt we could have gone on for days together. We … Read More

Relationship Care *for when the world doesn’t make sense

I talk a lot about grief from loss, but there’s a big piece of it that comes from events of the world. When racist hate settled into Virginia this past weekend, I watched it unfold through the safety of the media, … Read More

Self-Care Can be Self-Designed

We all know coaches are awesome, and when I came across this fellow coach a few months ago, who is working down in California, I allowed myself to be rightly inspired. Today, she weighed in on self-care, and how it’s … Read More