Yoga was (or, used to be) for sissies

Believe it or not, I used to be a pretty serious weight-lifting sort. You would not know it by looking at me now, but I used to lift very heavy things in tiny, short sets, not caring that involuntary grunts … Read More

The Magic 5

I talk about relationship with some people and I can see their eyes glaze over with the story of it: that it’s hard, that it’s work, and that like Pinterest, it may, possibly, involve a lot of mason jars. It’s … Read More

Design your Valentine

It’s two days from Valentine’s Day. Are you ready? Did you buy some flowers? Buy a card? Make a card? Make a reservation? Buy some lingerie? Get something waxed? Write a love limerick that includes the word ‘Nantucket’? SNORE. I … Read More

A Face for Radio?

We’ve been cooking up some interesting things over here at Big Life Headquarters: Baxter has a new bed to slumber on in a corner of the office, new clients are joining me to have fired-up lives, and now I am … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday — Let’s Get REAL

We’re all guilty of not saying what’s really happening in our lives; it’s not as happy as it always appears. It’s time to lay it out and then have the great, deep, engaging conversations that come from it. Enjoy this week’s … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday Returns – da da DUN!

This week we’re talking about how are feelings are, well, ours. They are not actually the responsibility of our partner, even though we sometimes like to pretend that they are. Let me know your thoughts in the comments – do … Read More

New Year, New Relationship

Do you still remember the fight you had with your spouse just moments before dinner guests arrived on February 9th, 2013?  Can you recall exactly what your mate said when you mentioned that your anniversary had been forgotten? Do you … Read More

When is it Cheating?

I had a coaching consultation last week and an interesting topic arose; when is interest in someone other than your spouse considered cheating?  What a great question! You love your partner, you have a life together filled with a home … Read More

How Intimate are you?

Oh, did you think this was going to be a Cosmo-type thing where you rate yourself with asinine questions about what side of the bed you sleep on and if you pee with the door open in front of people? … Read More

Permission Granted

My super power (or one of them, at least) is that I grant permission.  Seriously.  I wish it came with a cape and a spandex outfit with a big ‘P’ on the chest because that would be 40 shades of … Read More