10 (somewhat) Secret Sources of Grief

Grief. It’s there when someone dies, and that’s perhaps the first type we think of when we think of it. Funerals, flowers, and deep sorrow. But there are many other kinds. With every beginning and ending, there is grief. It’s … Read More

It’s My Birthday and you can pay what you want to!

Okay, so it’s announcement tiiiiiiime! That’s right. No need to clean out your ears. It’s my birthday, and it’s kind of a big one — the last before one that ends in a zero (again) so I am distracting myself … Read More

Why Life Coaches are better than your friends

I was talking to a new coaching client earlier this week and she said something that I would love to share. It was our first call together, so we were spending lots of time designing how we were going to … Read More