Ep 14 Dr. Martha Jo Atkins: Moving in and out of the spaces

It was such a pleasure to connect with Dr. Martha Jo Atkins, who has build an entire career from “moving and out of the spaces” of grief. Our conversation meanders to some beautiful places, and there is no shortage of … Read More

Ep 13 DeAnne Joy: No Deathbed Regrets

“Planning for death is a life-affirming act.” My guest for this episode is DeAnne Joy, a fellow soldier in grief and death, and like so many of these conversations, I felt we could have gone on for days together. We … Read More

Ep 7: Death is for a thousand lessons

Ep 7 One Death, Many Experiences, Many Lessons It’s a chapter in the book, and it’s just true: a thousand people (and more) will have an experience of each death, and we are all capable (and have permission) to learn … Read More

Good Grief (It’s the holidays)

I have a love/slightly contentious relationship with Christmas. I love the spirit of giving pieces of my heart to my most loved. I love going to church (any one will do) to soak in words of hope, to hear “Be … Read More

Notes on a Book

I am writing a book. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you don’t get to just declare that you’re writing a book without a whole lot of, well, writing (much like you can’t “declare” bankruptcy by yelling it out). … Read More

Dying Wishes

I recently said goodbye to my beloved Basset Hound, Baxter. It’s been almost a month without him, and while that is a blog post on its own, I want to share some things I noticed in the letting-him-go-ness of it … Read More