• I am easy to talk to. I’m a safe zone. My clients know I’ve got their backs.
  • Dudes trust me. I’m really good at winning men over.
  • I mix fairness with fun. Like a relationship fairy godmother.

  • I don’t pick sides. Ever. I am deeply neutral.
  • I work miracles. Many of my couples get hitched, move forward, and enjoy their relationships more.
  • I open eyes. I take off the blinders so each party can see what the other is brings to the table.

Working with Tara was amazing. She made us feel safe right away. It didn't matter what issue we brought to the table, she was right there with us… no judgement, no bullshit, just warmth, straight shooting and a place we could figure things out.

Shoshana + Marty

Shoshana + Marty
Working with Tara has been fantastic. She has a fun, bubbly personality that is complemented by a “no-nonsense” approach to planning and discussion.

While we were generally satisfied with our relationship before meeting Tara, we had concerns of imbalance and disagreements in expressing our mutual affection. We wanted much more and were seeking a way to put it over the top—to go “11 out of 10.” Tara in turn put a lot of effort to understand both our individual and relationship goals. She described insights that enabled personal growth and discovery, proposed changes and ideas that made us feel more individually confident and also strengthened our relationship commitment and endearment levels. Tara is also, quite frankly, a simply wonderful person to engage in conversation. We are very happy with Tara’s work and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for outstanding personal and/or relationship improvements.

Victor + Laura

Victor + Laura
Authenticity, humour, passion, and perspective are not words I would use to describe just anyone. But these are the things that Tara brought to the table during the time I was fortunate enough to have her as my coach.

We played, laughed, cried. She challenged, loved, held space. And sure enough things shifted in my life and my grip loosened on some deeply held habits. I could never have imagined making these changes and having so much fun doing it! I have immense gratitude for Tara and I would highly recommend getting involved in anything she’s doing.


Working with Tara has been just right. The resounding comfort of being witnessed, with love and space and humour and understanding is profound.

Tara has a way of just being there, listening and offering quiet feedback; creating a safe container to explore the depths of one's soul. The truths I have uncovered about myself and how I interact with the world are profound and impactful, and I've just been working with Tara for a few months! Through her own life experiences with loss and grief, Tara is a person who "gets it" in a way that is enormously comforting to others who are in the trenches of grief. Tara is real, safe, funny, kind and wholehearted. I kinda love her a lot.


A few years into our relationship, Matt and I started working with Tara because we were just "fine". You know? Everything was good… but we knew it could be great. We were in a solid, loving, mutual relationship, and we were getting complacent with the smoothness of it all. We realized we were not content with that—we wanted to be on fire.

I'd met Tara a few years before, and I knew we needed to work with her when I found myself looking for coaches that were just like her—bubbly, bright, and whip smart about the reality of romantic relationships, in every form. Tara embraced our non-traditional romance—I am a female, while Matt is bi-gendered, where most of the time he identifies as a man, and some of the time he identifies as a woman. We didn't know any other couples that were in our situation to talk to, so Tara became the expert, friend, and godmother we needed. Tara helped us see our relationship more clearly, challenged us to explore our discomfort zone, and held the space as we learned what we both wanted for each other. Matt and I learned how to fight better, love better, communicate more easily, and pretty much become experts at the things we were just fine at, really early in our relationship. It was one of the best gifts we've ever given to ourselves. Today, we're engaged(!) and as we plan our wedding, the only person we can imagine marrying us is our beloved Tara Caffelle.

Renee + Matt

Renee + MattRenee + Matt