This show is a lovely meander through grief with Shelby Forsythia, founder of The Grief Grower’s Garden and the author of Permission to Grieve. After losing her Mom at the age of 21, Shelby sought to heal and make sense of her loss, and along the way, she found the aching beauty of grief in all the corners of our lives. She supports those lost in the everyday moments of grief in their lives.

Our conversation, more than a year ago (due to an unplanned hiatus for Grief: A Love Story!) was a joy, and it is an honour to work alongside such a gifted woman in this arena of grief.

Now, here are all the places where you can find Shelby and be showered by her loving wisdom:

*and the book I mention in the broadcast is When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

It’s a treat to be back – I hope you enjoy listening in to this brave conversation.

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