November feels odd to me, this year. I’m not sure if it’s because I am in a weird space with my book re-writes (if you haven’t downloaded your excerpt, you can do so here,) or the early appearance of snow in my city, or something else, but it’s…odd.

Like the holidays are waiting in the wings and it’s simply an exciting sort of lull.

It’s appalling to me that the holiday hoopla seems to all begin the moment the ghosts and goblins are tucked in, stepping right over November 11th and all that it means.

I think what I really crave is a slowing-down, a reverence for this time and so here is my invitation: live in right now.

It’s an epidemic of always looking ahead, relentlessly, to the Next Thing: the long weekend, the holidays, the gifts you need to buy, the food you need to prepare, the things you need to book that are happening next year. Make your plans, but savour now, too.

When I was sitting in my uncomfortable resistance of a meditation practice, a teacher taught me a beautiful and simple tool and that was to stop, close my eyes, and join my fingertips. As I breathed deeply three times, I would repeat “All that I am is here” to myself, as I focused on the connection of my fingers. It drew me into that moment and helped me to just stop.

I would love for us all to, on a regular basis, become steeped in the moment, whatever it may be.

In the coming days, I invite you to be with whatever is. Take a few breaths at stoplights. Play in the show if it’s fallen. Notice how it feels to pull on a sweater as it cools off. Listen to the sound of your spoon as you stir your tea and graze the side of the cup. Embrace the art of Hygge with some of these suggestions.




If you need me, I will be marvelling at the snow in my yard.


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