I Work With People Like You

My clients are badasses committed to growing and seeking.

  • They don’t have to wonder if ‘This is all there is’ because they know they can create a reality that resonates and feeds their passions. Regardless of the details of their lives (they are new parents, couples parting ways, individuals in transition, etc) they are driven to change and want more.
  • Love to be challenged and to be introduced to the blind spots and dark shadows they don’t see. They embrace their own possibility with integrity and enthusiasm.
  • Know that they are ground zero for the relationships in their lives; they take responsibility for the actions in their lives, without blaming others or complaining.
  • Recognize that 1 + 1 = 3 and that our relationship will be powerful and will create miracles.
  • Inspire me to meet them with my own superpowers.
  • Know change is possible, that there’s nothing inevitable (accept death and taxes) and they can be at cause to have something different.

I choose not to work with those who:

  • Don’t show up 100% for our work.
  • Aren’t able to be authentic and open.
  • Make excuses and don’t operate from a place of integrity.
  • Refuse to see that they are at choice for whatever is happening in their lives.

Ultimately, I can’t want this for you more than you do, and I only have enough time and energy to coach the people who actually see something different ahead and really, really, WANT it.

If you’re in doubt, I invite you to jump on a call with me; I can promise that it won’t hurt (too much) and that you’ll have a powerful experience with me that might just change even one tiny thing for you. And one tiny thing is sometimes all it takes: we steer ships not by cranking the wheel into a u-turn, but one degree at a time, so you will be a ship and we will shift one thing at a time to see new directions.
This may sound hokey (and I don’t care): it is my honour to support my clients, and I sit in awe of their vulnerability, and courage, and capacity. I am never not humbled by the incredible humans in front of me who are walking into their incredible greatness.