From the clients I have spoken with in the last couple of weeks, I hear similar threads of…ugh. Life is “fine” but it’s also not at all sustainable. It’s exhausting, and it’s hard.  It’s barrels of fun and also sacrifice.

To these couples, men and women (and you) I offer this: PERMISSION.

  • To resent the choices you’ve made, for whatever reason, as you trudge through and try to make peace with them.
  • To opt completely out of the Elf on the Shelf nonsense that starts in a couple of weeks.
  • To say NO and have it be a complete sentence. To trust your own response for a request for your time and energy. You know your answer, and it’s either a “Hell, yes” or a “Shit, No,” and stalling behind a “Well, maybe” is a waste of time and mental real estate.
  • To be sad/anxious/angry and in need of a nap.
  • To take a nap.
  • To make poor food choices.
  • To pause or even delete some social media accounts to quiet the chatter.
  • To ask for help*.
  • To surrender to exhaustion that has you ignore the laundry and the clutter.
  • To hold a family meeting to strategize a smoother life.
  • To dread waking up for the same awful day on repeat, and want more for yourself.
  • To order take-out or spend the entire day in the kitchen creating a masterpiece.
  • To change your mind.
  • To let friendships, the exhausting ones that just don’t feel good, end.
  • To choose your battles.
  • To love the life you have fiercely and take a stand for it.
  • To feel what you feel and not have to qualify it.
  • To not be okay and to be the most content you have ever been.

See a theme, here? It’s all okay. Whatever is happening, allow it. Let’s not have shame. Whatever you are waiting for permission to do: you have it, so go and enjoy.

*My middle name is Help. I have opened some spaces and am offering some sweet bonuses when you schedule/purchase as a gift a One-Off Wonder Session with me. Head over here to automagically make it happen.

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