Looking back…all over the place

My theme word for 2013 was: It was actually a phrase – Brave, crazy love and shameless authenticity. I nailed all of it.

This year, I accomplished: quite a bit.  I completed my leadership program, I traveled to parts of BC (and new areas of Vancouver), California and Calgary, witnessed two babies arrive (and became a doula), got on the water a respectable amount, ran/walked a half marathon, wrote most of a book (the ending seems to elude me currently..), lost some weight, figured out what my body really likes for me to eat, and I dated some frogs before finding someone who may be My Prince.

I did not accomplish: I didn’t reach all of my income goals for business, despite experiencing growth in revenue of nearly 500%.  I also did not win an Oscar, or appear on David Letterman. Can’t win em’ all.

What got in my way was:  just time and resources – it’s part of the entrepreneur joy in the first couple of years of business.  Next year, Big Life turns 5, so big things are coming.  Right?

I am most proud of:  joyously saying NO a lot, how my business grew in the past year and how I grew within it. Also how good I really am at all of this.

I worked hardest at: bringing ease and joy into the work

I failed most epically at: not having just wine and cheese for dinner, going to bed at a decent hour, getting out camping

And what I learned from this failure was: I am a much better coach and human when I make time for myself

What I would have done differently this year is: I would have brought some of these current practices in much earlier.

The biggest lesson I learned was: Faith.  Surrendering control so that great things can flow in.

My biggest challenge was: staying with stuff that hurts and finding ways to talk about it.

The biggest risk I took was: giving notice on my apartment and making the big decision to move in a couple of weeks to places unknown.

This year I tolerated: a lot of overnight parties with my gremlins. Seriously, open bar with lots of vomiting.

I kicked serious ass at: not taking shit from anyone. I fired clients this year, and started saying NO and every time I did, it felt more and more powerful.  I also kicked ass at nailing my niche and working it.

I became a different person this year in these ways:  I think I became an authentic force in a hundred different ways.

I learned this year that I am: so soft and also so strong, and I am really good at what I do.

I am uber grateful this year for: the people; my clients, colleagues, family, horses, Baxter, chewy reds at the end of a long day, and getting to end my day with someone I adore.

If I remember one thing from this year, I want it to be: I was given the opportunity to get to know myself in all my flaws and brilliance.

And to come…

My theme word phrase for 2014 is: Easeful Persistence (although I reserve the right to change that)

This year I will commit to doing more of: Playing outside, learning who I am at my best, kicking some ass

I would be most proud of myself if when: I meet all my financial goals, save the way I want to, and gleefully meander through the life I am designing for the year

I will commit to accomplishing: Um, all of the above? And also I want to eat much, much better. As in, eat food. And still wine.

I will STOP doing: not cooking, procrastinating, saying yes when I really don’t want to do something, and over-scheduling myself

I anticipate my biggest challenge to be: not actually having an official home base/redefining what a sanctuary is for me.

I will make it easier on myself by: outsourcing all that I possibly can…2014 is the year I hire other people to do shit and stop feeling guilty about it.

This year I will not tolerate: activity that doesn’t get me where I want to, time-wasting that I have not instigated, long emails

This year I will take the risk of: LEAPING! ALL THE TIME!

This year I will go: further than I ever have before.

I will have: ease, space, time, abundance, freedom, and time outside

I will be: my glorious self

I will have a relationship that is: authentic and hearty and intimate

I will have friendships that are: authentic and fulfilling and also sexy

I will have a body that is: respected and strong and clean

I will have a career that is: enviable

I will hold myself accountable by: continuing to use my coach, and all my coachy buddies (they thrive on that stuff!)

This year, I’ll never, ever: give up

And I’ll always, always: end the day being grateful and kissing Baxi

Questions courtesy of Rebecca at Uncaged Life – go on over and answer them for yo’self and then link me up to see it in the comments.


May 2014 be BIG and ease-filled and yummy….xoxo


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