I help people live big, full lives

People in all manner of relationships. People who have babies and squabbles and dreams. People who struggle with their own peace as a relationship ends. People who are not okay with things being “fine” and want more, more, more. And I am damn good at it.

Just Us Coaching

The goal: Capital-T Transformation.

I am super serious about it. And you should be too. It’s a BIG and ongoing commitment to your biggest, best-est life change.

We get there together by:

  • uncovering blind spots
  • brazenly addressing what you want more of (Approval? Sex? Appreciation?)
  • exploring how to invite more of what you want in
  • talking about very real and messy things (the stuff that really hurts)

*Please note: this is not necessarily about band-aiding what is showing up, it’s about actually addressing it.

How it works

Whether you work with me solo or with your partner, each starts with a FREE and brief (but powerful) session to see if we fit and how we might make magic.


Time commitment: 60-minute online calls + online support and homework every week for 7 months

Investment: $4000 USD*

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Time commitment: 60-90-minute online calls + online support and homework bi-weekly for 8 months

Investment: $6000 USD*

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* Plus taxes where applicable. Installment plans available.

Group Coaching

Like-minded people working together to feel amazing

Never underestimate the power of community and like-minded energy. Participate in one of two groups:

  1. Friends with Grief
    For people who are grieving. Whether you’ve lost someone recently or long ago, this group will provide transformation and light. We’re not going to make the grief go away; we’ll make it easier to live with.
  2. Commanding Chaos
    For women in the overwhelm of life, mired in chaos and change and looking for sustainable, meaningful insights.

You’ll spend the whole 6 months with the same small gang making big strides and cheering each other on as we:

  • uncover insights
  • explore grief, pain, loss, and endings
  • get to the bottom of the messy bits of life
  • emerge together new and alive
How it works

Time commitment: 2-hour group phone calls (recorded) twice per month for 6 months

Extras: Facebook community + email support with Tara

Investment: $49 USD/month

Next group start dates

Friends with Grief: Late Spring 2018 (apply below to be added to the waitlist)

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Commanding Chaos: Starting Febuary 2018

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One-Off Wonders

A taste of the transformation ahead

I recognize that it’s an investment to do this work with me. A one-off call is a baby step for those not quite ready yet for the big leap.

In just one session, we will get down n’ dirty with whatever has you stuck, your experience of Life Grief and Death Grief, the bullshit you’re tired of and would like to be free of. At the end? Much YES, cigarette, please.

Should you choose to sign up for a 7-month Just-Us Coaching after this session, your investment will be applied toward the Just-Us investment.

How it works

Time commitment: 90 minutes

Investment: $225 USD


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* Plus taxes where applicable.