Here’s a challenge for you – ready to accept?

What the numbers on a scale really meanGood.

The challenge is to not step on your bathroom, gym or doctor’s scale for the next 6 weeks.

Where did this come from?

I was talking to a client today who is making some great strides in her life; she has found a career she loves and is diving into it, she is feeling productive and connected and is taking beautiful care of herself.  She’s started exercising again, and has joined others in activities that make her feel alive and healthy.

Near the end of our session, she said she planned to jump on the scale to see if all the recent changes she’s made will be reflected in her body weight and this is when I put on the BRAKES.

I asked her to consider that weighing herself, rather than marking milestones with noticing how her clothes felt, how her body is functioning and how she is being, could be a way to make all that she has done be somehow wrong. 

See where I was going with this? 

Warning, I am about to use a very bad word.

I requested that she “stop making this about the fucking NUMBERS!”

I am here to tell you that your weight, the number on the scale that we seem to live and die by, means nothing. 

And I am right.

Accept the challenge, notice how you feel, how your clothes fit or don’t, THEN adjust accordingly.  Take the stupid scale out of the equation.

Who’s in?

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