My favourite part of today isn’t giving a bunch of credit to my own Dad, although I definitely do. It’s noticing all the celebrations of fatherhood around me. With media all around us that loves to point out bumbling, fumbling men who don’t know a diaper from a dishrag, I love to notice and highlight the inspiring examples of dudes being dads. It’s a different side of parenthood that doesn’t look like mothering, and it’s such a tender and beautiful thing to watch.

I remember the first dad that I dated and the sweetness in him I was so drawn to after seeing him with his kids. He would vanish from text communication because it was story time, and the best photos of him were carrying his little ones and powerfully holding them with the softest strength.

Relationships, marriage and sex look so different than they used to. My mother reminds me that they didn’t talk about the things that I so brazenly bring up in her day. And fatherhood is no exception; it’s more involved and hands on than it was, dads are called upon to be present and conscious in parenting, and it makes relationships be that much more connected and, well, AWESOME IN EVERY WAY.

What a lucky kid I was to have the dad I did on the life journey that he is on, and what lucky kids there are today, with dads who are creating a whole new way of growing up, simply by the way they are showing up and standing in their own flavour of nurturing and love.

This week, I thought of the delight I have felt at watching my friends and my brother step into parenting, and I found this little article that seemed to sum it up nicely, so I will leave you with this link and then send you on your way to celebrate the dads in your world.



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