Couple Talk Tuesday – Wanna Be Single Returns…

This week on Couple Talk Tuesday: another reason to be happy with what you have. Enjoy!

New Year, New Relationship

Do you still remember the fight you had with your spouse just moments before dinner guests arrived on February 9th, 2013?  Can you recall exactly what your mate said when you mentioned that your anniversary had been forgotten? Do you … Read More

Stuff I Hear

One of the reasons I coach the people I do, individuals and couples in relationship, is due to one question that I hear all the time (and it makes me a little crazy): “Oh, do you think I should talk … Read More

Anatomy of a Coaching Session

I had the joy of starting work with a few new couples as their Relationship Coach lately, and I’ve noticed a bit of a trend, and that is that what it’s actually going to look like to work with me … Read More

Designing Divorce

It’s been nearly three years since my husband and I decided to stop the hoping, trying, fighting and wishing and separate.  I am in the process of changing my coaching practice so that it focuses heavily on couples, both in … Read More