Counting today, there are 40 days left in this year. I will not tell you how many shopping days there are because I don’t care about that.  What I do care about is finishing this year with purpose and intention. … Read More

Anatomy of a Coaching Session

I had the joy of starting work with a few new couples as their Relationship Coach lately, and I’ve noticed a bit of a trend, and that is that what it’s actually going to look like to work with me … Read More

Designing Divorce

It’s been nearly three years since my husband and I decided to stop the hoping, trying, fighting and wishing and separate.  I am in the process of changing my coaching practice so that it focuses heavily on couples, both in … Read More

Letting Go…Maybe

I moved into my current place about a year ago, and since then, I have been continually getting rid of ‘stuff’ – clothes, books, papers, and most recently, photos. Last fall I came across the giant album of proofs given … Read More

Clapper or Flapper?

I had a meeting last week with a massage therapist I met awhile back and when I got excited about getting to engage in some collaboration with her (as I do), I clapped my hands with glee.  She remarked that … Read More

Why Life Coaches are better than your friends

I was talking to a new coaching client earlier this week and she said something that I would love to share. It was our first call together, so we were spending lots of time designing how we were going to … Read More

When is it Cheating?

I had a coaching consultation last week and an interesting topic arose; when is interest in someone other than your spouse considered cheating?  What a great question! You love your partner, you have a life together filled with a home … Read More

O to Extra-O

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer here at Big Life – I’m starting to make videos! I’m speaking at a retreat called Ordinary to Extraordinary the weekend of June 14-16!  Just try and keep up! I would love … Read More