What’s Enough, Anyway?

Ok, we’re going to talk about SEX. A few weeks ago, I jumped on a call with some clients, and when I asked where they wanted to go in the session, they blurted out: “Sex. We want to talk about … Read More

More (sex/rest/money) please!

I escaped this weekend to a tiny island off the coast of Washington State. We ate some amazing meals, and explored the beach, and looked out at the ocean, and lounged around in hotel bathrobes. It was exactly what I … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday…from the BEDROOM!

Couple Talk Tuesday returns! Last week was a wash over here, but CTT returns, from the bedroom. Yea. That’s right. You won’t want to miss the verra special invitation at the end…   Happy watching!

Couple Talk Tuesday – 1st Base Homework

This week on Couple Tip Tuesday: a homework assignment. Click to see your mission, should you choose to accept it.

How to: Killer Conversation

I talk a lot about communication. A lot. I like to talk about the qualities of what I call “Sexy Relationship” – it’s sometimes (and sometimes all at once) gritty, messy, vulnerable, loud, intense, funny, and a million other things. … Read More

The 30 Day Intimacy Challenge

It’s true: we are not all having the amount of sex that we would like to be. It’s a function of busy lives, lagging hormones, lacklustre effort in our relationship, and just plain ol’ letting it slip to the bottom … Read More

Gettin’ Enough?

Yes, I could very well be talking about money, wine or sleep, but it’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: I’m talking about SEX. As I’ve talked about in this space, people feel comfortable talking to me about sex. … Read More

How Intimate are you?

Oh, did you think this was going to be a Cosmo-type thing where you rate yourself with asinine questions about what side of the bed you sleep on and if you pee with the door open in front of people? … Read More

Have a Sexy Wednesday

The secret to having a blog?  Two words: guest posts. I started talking about sex in this space on Wednesdays a few weeks ago (in honour of Hump Day…get it?), and as that rapidly got too demanding – I know, … Read More

Permission Granted

My super power (or one of them, at least) is that I grant permission.  Seriously.  I wish it came with a cape and a spandex outfit with a big ‘P’ on the chest because that would be 40 shades of … Read More