An Affair to Wake Up To

I remember it so clearly: we had gone for drinks after work, under the guise of it being a wind-down from a busy month-end. But we were the only two there. The chemistry between us was palpable, and to a … Read More

3 Ramblings from a Happy Coach

That’s me. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, so many people will take the day off, attend ceremonies and parades, and, I would hope, remember what affords them these freedoms. I always feel weird enjoying myself too much on … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Sun in the Funnertime!

It’s summer and here’s the invitation: check out this week’s video, stay present to the BBQs and water fights, and see what you discover. What does summer mean to you? Let us know in the comments… xo

The Gift of Time for Silly Heart Day

Call it a Valentine’s Day gift from me to you, call it a wave birthday drunkenness, call me lazy for not wanting to deal with these applications next week, call it whatever you wish; I am extending this deadline to … Read More

It’s My Birthday and you can pay what you want to!

Okay, so it’s announcement tiiiiiiime! That’s right. No need to clean out your ears. It’s my birthday, and it’s kind of a big one — the last before one that ends in a zero (again) so I am distracting myself … Read More