50 Ways to Love Your Love

Love is a choice. I think as we go through life with our partners, it isn’t always sunshine and roses; sometimes we’re flipping the bird at our partner when their back is turned, or just enjoying that moment when they … Read More

Notes from a Netflix Binge, vol 1

I spoke a few weeks ago about my bingeing/research I do on Netflix, and as I thought about it more, I noticed there is a veritable plethora of wisdom lying with me on the sofa. And so today, for your … Read More

And now I live with a Boy.

I moved out of the home I shared with my ex-husband more than five years ago. It was the end of January, and I remember I was allowed access to my small, two-bedroom suite a few days early. I called … Read More

Flavours of Love: Chocolate or Summer?

There are flavours and seasons to love. There’s a love that exists in stolen time in a cottage in the middle of nowhere; preparing food and sharing fires and bottles of wine. There’s a love that is plump with comfort … Read More