The Whys Wisdom of Grief

Early last week, I rose early to prepare for what felt like an important date with grief. My cousin, who left behind a young family and was only five days into his thirtieth year, was being laid to rest. I … Read More

Surviving Family-ing

Oy. It’s here. The onslaught of holidays: ThanksgivingHalloweenChristmasNewYears It’s October, but Costco has had Christmas stuff out for several weeks, and I spotted eggnog at Safeway just the other day. What is up with all this? All the other hoopla … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – A Family Affair

Last week, we talked about flingin’ shame out into the open, and now I want you to look a leeetle more deeply: how can you let your family connection be different for you? What can you share to break down … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Fall into Fall

It’s fall and it’s time to slow. things. down. And watch videos. And marvel at how Youtube can make me look so incredibly insane EVERY WEEK.