Yoga was (or, used to be) for sissies

Believe it or not, I used to be a pretty serious weight-lifting sort. You would not know it by looking at me now, but I used to lift very heavy things in tiny, short sets, not caring that involuntary grunts … Read More

The Blindside

I remember it like it was yesterday – The Blindside. I was putting away groceries in the kitchen and my husband was standing beside me. I don’t actually remember the pre-amble of our conversation, I but I sure remember the … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Grow what you want more of

Nookie November is going like gangbusters; there are couples all over the place waking up with me in their inboxes, I get emails from folks making me feel like some sort of Sex Fairy and I get to use all … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Shame Busting

The challenge this week: find out where shame lives and bring it out in the open. I’m sharing a personal (and surprisingly emotional) story to invite you to see what comes out of it. Here’s a hint: it’s not more … Read More

How’s Your Love Map?

  How much do you really know about your partner? I know, I know. You think you know  a lot. But really, do you? Would you be able to pass one of those Green-card government tests where you answer every … Read More

Six Seconds

I’m doling out all sorts of wisdom this week: yesterday I was talking about listenin’ instead of fixin’ – you can check out the video over here, and today, I want to celebrate Hump Day with some talk about Kissing. … Read More

Bringing Baby Home 101 – The Video!

How fun is THIS?  I kept getting the same questions about the Bringing Baby Home Workshops, so I thought I would make a quick movie to share the quick n’ dirty…enjoy! Please, have a wee gander and then share with … Read More

Dreams Coming True

How fitting that I started this year speaking on CBC about “CHANGE” – feels like it’s the only real constant, isn’t it? Big Life Coaching is now 2! And my coaching career is 6. I love that I am realizing … Read More

Anatomy of a Coaching Session

I had the joy of starting work with a few new couples as their Relationship Coach lately, and I’ve noticed a bit of a trend, and that is that what it’s actually going to look like to work with me … Read More