Let Your Anniversary Change the World

I have been thinking about celebration a lot lately. I was comfortable enough with my work-to-celebration ratio. I mean, celebration is the more-fun cousin of gratitude, and I talk about it all the time, and now it’s actually fuelling a … Read More

Beginnings, Endings and Celebrations

I’m going to just come out and say it. Actually, I’m going to yell it: I THINK WE SHOULD PAUSE AND CELEBRATE A LOT MORE THAN WE DO. For various reasons, things end: loved ones die, we pass courses, we … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Time to Celebrate

Happy Canada Day! The invitation this week is to celebrate whatever you can find and take the time to pause…realize how super duper awesome life actually is. We’re working a little over here at Big Life; we’re counting down to … Read More

New Year, New Relationship

Do you still remember the fight you had with your spouse just moments before dinner guests arrived on February 9th, 2013?  Can you recall exactly what your mate said when you mentioned that your anniversary had been forgotten? Do you … Read More