Married couples should be having some seriously great, connected sex.
If you’re not, join Tara on February 11 for a Super Couple Tune-Up.


Solve petty problems

Kick mundane to the curb

Get all sorts of turned on again

FEBRUARY 11, 2017:

Whatever your relationship kinks — dried up sex life, constant bickering, big life changes, disappointment, boredom — we’ll address them. You’ll learn (and practice) how to:

  • Communicate respectfully and clearly
  • Build a road map you can both get behind
  • Get through seriously big shit
  • Fix cracks before they divide
  • Get back to the fun stuff without the guilt
  • Be a parent and a super sexual being too



All tickets are per couple and and include lunch, a full day of engine-revving and tuning up, and goody bags.

$249 (early bird) $295

Super Couple Tune-Up


Super Couple Tune-Up + 2 private sessions


Super Couple Tune-Up + 2 private sessions + Custom VIP Relationship-Boosting Afternoon with Tara


About Tara Caffelle

Tara is a really good relationship coach. And she’s got about 200 Super Couples living large, happy, and sexually to prove it. She’s been there—where you are now or somewhere near it at one point in her life—married young. Then in an open relationship. Oh and then divorced. Yah, she did that too. Then dating. Then monogamy and serious. Repeat. Tara knows relationships. And she loves them and all the mess that comes with them. Because they are beautiful messes that we are capable of designing ourselves. They can be incredibly empowering, uplifting, and life-changing. And she is a master at helping couples see the truth, speak the truth, and live the truth. Even and especially when it’s uncomfortable. That’s how you get to Super.