I’m doling out all sorts of wisdom this week: yesterday I was talking about listenin’ instead of fixin’ – you can check out the video over here, and today, I want to celebrate Hump Day with some talk about Kissing.

Count out loud with me: one, one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand, 6 one thousand.

Yes, that was six whole seconds, and that is how long I want you to kiss your partner when you next see him or her and actually, every time you see them.

The sad thing is, we only give our partners a quick peck when we see them, but the Six Second Kiss is where all the magic is. It can be the connector that joins you two together at the end of a busy day, it can say, “I am so happy I get to come home to you” and it releases more of those great calming hormones into your bodies.

Ahhhh.  No go do some kissing and come back for more next week.


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