We all know coaches are awesome, and when I came across this fellow coach a few months ago, who is working down in California, I allowed myself to be rightly inspired.

Today, she weighed in on self-care, and how it’s all a bunch of BS.  Like me, Tiffany Han works with clients to be sustainable in their success by working some self-care into their routines, and in her post today, she shared what self-care often looks like for her.  Inspired once again, I decided to look at that very subject for myself.

While I love pedicures (despite living in boots and cursing the rain), and hot baths accompanied with wine (but lack an actual bathtub), I have found some great ways to feel nurtured and fabulous as I work.  So naturally I chose to share!

What self-care looks like for me:

  • Being a bit of a Nazi about my schedule – I guard my time because it’s precious to me and I know I only have so many brain cells and resources at my disposal.  This means I lump clients into specific parts of the day/week, schedule time to create and write, and also practice some boundaries about what I agree to do and with whom 
  • Taking time to sweat – sometimes that means hammering it out at the gym a few days a week, sometimes it means making sure Baxi gets a super fun walk around the hood
  • Keeping food in the fridge that is both easy to make and appetizing to eat and making meals as social as I can (so I don’t just eat a slice of cheese at my desk and call it a day)
  • Sleeping as much as I need to
  • Working my ass off in service of building the life I dream of
  • Asking for help when I need it
  • Throwing impromptu dance parties in the kitchen
  • Taking frequent breaks to indulge in some Puppy Joy/Baxi pestering (he loves it)
  • Actually using my hands-free thingy so I can do non-coaching work on the road (and in parking lots)
  • Like Tiffany, I am not shy about napping in my car between appointments


What about you?  What is self-care for you?



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