• Are you satisfied? Really?

It’s really easy to convince yourself that things at home are “fine.”

After all, some days they are. More than fine, really. Absolutely great. And other days, your relationship can feel like a big pile of you know what! (Ugh.)

Take your relationship “temperature”.

Download my FREE assessment tool and fill it out with your partner—together.It’s the beginning of understanding where you’re at and where you want to go.

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Tara talks about taking your relationship temperature and why it’s so damn important to be honest with yourself and your partner.

FEBRUARY 11, 2017:

Whatever your relationship kinks — dried up sex life, constant bickering, big life changes, disappointment, boredom — we’ll address them. You’ll learn (and practice) how to:

  • Communicate respectfully and clearly
  • Build a road map you can both get behind
  • Get through seriously big shit
  • Fix cracks before they divide
  • Get back to the fun stuff without the guilt
  • Be a parent and a super sexual being too