Ep 5 Chris Dierkes: Landing at Sweet Sorrow

“The reason we meditate is to learn how to die.” In this conversation with Soul Interpreter, Chris Dierkes, we explore learning to live by being with the dead, the place of “sweet sorrow” in grief, and death as our last … Read More

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Ep 4 Lisa Hartley: Celebrating the Call to Grief

Grief is a call to consciousness Lisa Hartley is a Celebrant based in Vancouver, BC. In this conversation, we talk about the call to grief as a gift, Lisa’s own journey of loss, and (of course) her work as she … Read More

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Ep 3 Ellen Ercolini: The un-logic of grief

“We were a mighty tribe, but we were rudderless. It forced me to grow up very quickly.” Ellen Ercolini is a business strategist and gifted coach, and while that may be what you learn about her first, there is so … Read More

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Ep 2 Keri-Anne Livingstone: Daring to Grieve

“It was honouring. Like going to war. I had to send it up to be healed.” Today, we dive deep into the relationship “half-pipe” between Joy and Grief with Coach, Mother, Speaker, and Empathic Leader, Keri-Anne Livingstone. When Keri-Anne suddenly … Read More

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Ep. 1 Intro: Why we’re here

The true thing is: we will all experience loss. And the choice we have is whether or not we truly feel our grief and ask what it has for us. In 2015, I lost four men in my life and … Read More

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