My clients are really wise. Each time we speak, it’s a dance-in-the-moment conversation where they speak out loud some of the most profound, insightful and inspiring things.

Last week it was this:

“In our session last week, I have to tell you that by naming that issue with my partner, it was able to move on and be resolved seemingly on its own.”

Brilliant. Has that ever happened to you?

I immediately thought of that weird thing that happens when I am feeling some sort of odd body symptom and go through the trouble of calling my doctor, making an appointment, making the trek to her office, and then once I describe the symptom, it vanishes. It’s like the weird stomach thing just wants to be acknowledged and for me to know it’s there.

Sometimes our challenges and troubling relationship circumstances are just like those weird symptoms; they want to be brought out in the open so they can shift. Once we acknowledge something and shine a light on it, it’s less contained and automatically more manageable.

It’s also like a scary movie that is terrifying in the dark and then almost laughable in the light of day—when you’ve had more sleep.

It’s not necessarily that the problems we have get solved, although they may. It’s more that they are shared, and shown to be less arduous than they feel. And then they can move on. Bringing things into the light makes them BE light.

What would you like to set free? Is it some resentment over something that’s happened? Is it anxiety about an event that’s coming up? Is it a big desire to walk away from something that’s hard? I invite you to let whatever it is it out and see what happens next.

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