Because I am now old and have very little recollection of what happened in which decade (seriously, am I the only one? I blend Expo 86 with the events of the mid 90’s, vividly remember where I was when we flipped over to 2000 and can’t seem to figure out how, exactly, it is nearly the end of 2016) I can only recall that I have had an entrepreneur girl-crush on one Danielle LaPorte for a really, really long time.

If you don’t know who Danielle LaPorte is, let me tell you. She’s a Vancouver-based best-selling author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and blogger. She is also a mother, a visionary, and a source of light and inspiration for many. I have long-admired her work, her words, and how she is of service to us all. I feel like she’s an advisor from afar.

I can remember soaking up the words on her blog like it was cold beer and I was roaming thirsty in a desert and proudly sharing that “self-actualization rocks” (it truly does.) I remember collecting all my money in what was maybe the early days of Paypal to purchase the electronic version of The Fire Starter Sessions (now an over-and-over best-seller) printing it out at my j-o-b (it was a lot of pages and I felt guilty, but it certainly didn’t stop me) and pouring over it in weekly pockets of time I created to dream about the future.

It was while reading that book that I first owned (among a hundred other things) what a truly terrible employee I was (see book printing confession, above) and that I was born to work for myself. I just didn’t know what I wanted to be doing until I worked with my first coach in the fall of 2003.

In addition to The Fire Starter Sessions, LaPorte wrote The Desire Map, a holistic approach to life planning that uses your core desired feelings as the guidance system for your goal setting. Think of chasing how you want to feel and letting it guide your actions.

At the end of last year, when I had nothing left to give in my grief and no other fight in me, I escaped to a tiny cabin on the Sunshine Coast and threw all I wanted to leave behind into the ocean—I wrote it all on rocks with a sharpie and let it go, and then I wrote all the things I wanted for this year on rocks that I took home with me.

One of the words I wrote was “cherished” and that has essentially guided this entire year. I identified it while working through The Desire Map, along with “sovereignty” and “rich.” As I worked, I dreamed about feeling those feelings.

Knowing I wanted to be “cherished” helped me to fearlessly fall for the love of my life, call in the most amazing Dream Team to help me to do a polish of the brand and expand the business like crazy, and it’s guiding me to love myself in a way that really feels incredible.

I saw, again and again, that honouring how I wanted to feel changed my experience with other people and with my business.

As an entrepreneur, I am lacking some of the things that a working-with-others life provides; I don’t have cubicle mates, office parties, or awkwardly-attended birthday parties in the break room, and I certainly don’t have promotions. So I gave myself a promotion this year. I became a (delighted!) licensed facilitator of The Desire Map.

After incorporating so much of the great influence Danielle had shone on my own life into my work with clients, it felt so in alignment to Make It Official and become part of that community.

So what about you? Without diving into working on it all serious-like with a coach, I would bet that you can quite easily identify how you would like to feel in your life.

I invite you to really own whatever that feeling is and then chase it, like a red balloon in the wind, and see what happens. It may be magical. You may just end up with your own version of “cherished.”


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