I escaped this weekend to a tiny island off the coast of Washington State. We ate some amazing meals, and explored the beach, and looked out at the ocean, and lounged around in hotel bathrobes. It was exactly what I needed.

We ventured up Mt Constitution in Moran State Park (such great stories there about Robert Moran, resilience, dreams coming true and the effect of stress on our health) and were rewarded with amazing views that reached all the way back to Canada.

As I am apt to do, I found my favourite part of the view – Obstruction Island (pictured below) and fixated on it. So much became clear: I want my butt in a kayak a lot this coming year (to see more closely islands just like these), I want so much less of my own obstruction (self and world-imposed), and I want more time spent gazing at and photographing things just like this.


As I am also apt to do, I started to think about work, and how this ties to the people I work with the most and I think it’s this:

We all want more of something; sleep, sex, intimacy, friends, money, time, food, and the only thing REALLY getting in the way is yourself. We live the life we design and create. So whatever you want more of, ask for it, find a way to make it happen.

I would argue that what you don’t create in your life, you don’t actually want as much as you say you do.

Want more rest? Choose to work less, ask for help in managing what is getting in the way of that (kids, responsibility), let go of guilt or the Fear of Missing Out, leave behind the satisfaction you think you get from being a martyr

More sex? Get a sex toy and explore, ask for new things to happen with your partner. HAVE MORE SEX.

More intimacy? Make time for it. Be vulnerable and open with the people in your lives. Join my newsletter so you know when the next 30-day Challenge is (HINT: Valentine’s Day)

You get the idea. Like me, the only thing that gets in the way of what you really want is your own choices.

So what do you want more of? How would you like to be supported in getting it?



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