My re-brand took about 5000 months, and in that process, I was asked a hundred different ways from Sunday about my business: what was important, who I want to work with, how it began, who’s on first, and so much more. I can pretty much spout this all off in my sleep now, and I love how certain points have been distilled for me. I piled them all into my very own Manifesto that I am sharing here. It’s a bit of a Mission-Statement-What-You-Can-Count-On-Me-For document.

And this is something similar to what I create with clients for their family – we talk about how they want the relationship to look, how they want guests to feel in their home and all those other design-ey things, and then it gets to hang on the wall.

*My apologies to every graphic designer in the world – I know my homemade “art” probably deeply offends your sensibilities, so please forgive me. My poor designer was working around the clock to get the new site up and running, and I couldn’t stomach adding even one more thing to her list.

Hint: you’ll want to click the image to embiggen it. Yes, that is so a word.

relationship manifesto



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