Okay, so it’s announcement tiiiiiiime!

That’s right. No need to clean out your ears.

It’s my birthday, and it’s kind of a big one — the last before one that ends in a zero (again) so I am distracting myself with a bit of a gift.

I know that the investment of coaching sometimes feels like it might be out of reach for some people, so I am opening 3 spots (to individuals OR couples) in my practice to start with me in March of 2014.  That’s a value of about $1400.

I know…Exciting!

-you’ll get 3 months of coaching with me (individuals will get 12 30 minute sessions, and couples will get 6 one hour sessions) and you can pay whatever you wish each month, as long as it as an amount that feels like a stretch and will have you show up fully for the work.  Pretty simple.

The Catch:

-miss a session without 24 hours notice, consider it lost and paid for

-if you’re more than 10 minutes late for a session, consider it lost and paid for

-once you have been selected, you will be invoiced – you will pay in 3 equal installments by either post-dated cheque or pre-authorized credit card

-this applies to new clients only

-winners will be selected by a small panel of my helpers to keep it fair and to keep me from just picking my faves.  Although that will be part of it.

How to Get in on it:

-Entries open on WEDNESDAY FEB 5 and close at midnight on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17th  EXTENDED: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24th

-we will announce the winner on WEDNESDAY FEB 26 on the blog and by email

go here to enter — you will need to enter the site with a username and password (your Google account will work) then fill out the form, and feel free to upload a video, or a short essay, or a poem or whatever you feel conveys your desires – impress me!  Tell me why you want me as your Big Life coach, what big, hairy audacious goals you’re going after, and what you want to end up with at the end of our time together.  Tell me why you are even entering this crazy contest and why you want to work with a coach.

Please note: all entries become property of Big Life Coaching and cannot be returned.  Some of your entries may be referenced on social media, but all your identifying details will be kept confidential.

If you have troubles, then by all means, just email me: tara AT biglifecoaching DOT ca and I can try to sort you out.  However, bonus points for figuring it all out and letting me plan my birthday soiree in peace.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Me-EEEEEEE…..let’s get you some coaching, and you smell like one, too!

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