It’s Hump Day again…

Oh, did you think this was going to be a Cosmo-type thing where you rate yourself with asinine questions about what side of the bed you sleep on and if you pee with the door open in front of people?  It’s not.

I’m also not going to write a lot about this, I’m just placing it on the table, like a questionable centrepiece that would beg questions like, “Is that hair?” and “I’m not sure it’s right-side-up.”

I am not going to pretend I’m an expert on this one.  I have been wrapping my head around this very question, lately, so I can only really say that I thought I had some great intimacy, and I am sure I did, but it wasn’t The Intimacy I was craving.  In my bones.  Fully aware that I am making very little sense, I would like to poke you with some questions:

  • When was the last time you felt like you were hanging out with the most intimate version of your partner while you were both just hangin’ out in a coffee shop talking?
  • What do you allow to come in the way of true, true intimacy?  What’s that protecting you from?
  • If you considered not what you want, but what you need (even if you don’t even know what that would be), make up what you think it might be?
  • What would it look like to be really seen?  To know your most intimate and naked-yet-clothed self is fully accepted and, in fact, quite delightful?

Let me know what you come up with.  If you must assign yourself a score, make it 10, then let’s leave that nonsense behind and talk about the stuff that matters.


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