Happy Hump Day!

The secret to having a blog?  Two words: guest posts.

I started talking about sex in this space on Wednesdays a few weeks ago (in honour of Hump Day…get it?), and as that rapidly got too demanding – I know, one week and I was wiping sweat from my wee brow – I started looking for ways to share the work and also highlight some colleagues in the meantime.

Enter Cindy Weber, Executive Director with Passion Parties.  Cindy is a little pixie who is full of power, and she and her team of Passion Pushers (my words)(that sounds kind of awful) distribute what are politely referred to as ‘marital aids’ (AKA Sex Toys etc).  Because I often dive into this very topic with clients, I thought it apropos (look at ME with the big word) to talk about it here, as well.

Cindy is acutely aware that women tend to be last on their priority lists in life, right after kids, spouses, meals, home care, getting the dog to the vet, making sure everyone stays alive and eats, in-laws, out-laws…man that list is long.  Too often self-pleasure is nowhere  on the list and it should be.  I agree with George Michael: Sex is natural, sex is fun.

So without further delay, let’s hear from Cindy:

Do any women on the planet consistently treat themselves well enough? NO!

I am on a crusade to change that and I invite you to join me. There is a growing trend in women giving their all to everyone around them and having nothing left over for themselves. The truth is, we are all guilty of this at one time or another.

Being that it’s my job to remind others of this, it puts me in the hot seat to take my own advice….and I love it!!!

I remind woman that simple daily acts of personal kindness have a rippling effect in their surrounding world.

Most of us need all the reminders we can get. Especially if it’s to change a habit; we all have bad habits in the self-care department. We live busy lives and our intentions get postponed. As women we naturally want to help others first and we fail to realize that we cannot give while running on empty. We can actually give so much more when we feel fulfilled.  But so many of us feel that self-care is ‘selfish’.

Self-care is so not selfish…it looks fun.

Let’s shift that opinion and begin a new mindset together.

We all know that it is much easier to be around happy people. But did you also know it’s very easy to become a happier person? Satisfied people are happy. So I ask you, where are you not completely satisfied, and what are you doing to change that? Are you perhaps waiting for someone else to do something more or different?

I am an Executive Director with Passion Parties. I empower women to see their worth. I believe every woman has a sex goddess and powerful businesswoman within.

I encourage ladies to tap into both.

Through my parties, website and social media I am a resource and reminder that it is okay to take care of you. I have a large team of women spreading this message. I love to help people feel empowered, both in and out of the bedroom!

I invite you to connect with me and move into the direction of achieving more daily joy in your world. Your friends will also love you for inviting them into this new world as well, so share the love and ‘share’ my message.

With Much Love,



Added by Tara: I know Cindy has a goal to double the size of her Pleasure and Passion Team team by April 15th and invites women to step into a leadership role where they too are in the hot seat pulling happiness towards them. 



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