I love it when I am talking to a new client and as they explain what’s going on for them, perhaps what is bringing them to coaching in the first place, I get to say,

“So, tell me, what do you like most about being a perfectionist?”

Perfectionism is a thing that plagues many of us and keeps us from progressing forward.  Think about it; when you’re focused on something being perfect, you get to stay there and it’s quite justifiable to stay in one place.

I’m not sure if I learned it somewhere or if I just lucked out, but I am a proud, card-carrying member of the Good Enough Club.  I tell myself that I can revisit whatever it is that isn’t quite the way I want it, and make it more ‘perfect’ later (although more often than not, I completely forget to go back!) and most times, I would rather be moving forward than boring myself with the details of going after something that may not even exist.

It’s true: perfection may just be a mythical creature.

If you’re someone who gets trapped in the cycle of analyzation to paralyzation in service of perfection, if you hold up progress as you tweak and primp and, let’s be clear, drive everyone around you crazy, then here’s a few thoughts for you:

What if your best was just good enough?

What would it be like to focus on progress, rather than perfection?

And I’m reminded of every wedding I’ve ever been to; even if the flower girl wanders down the aisle with her dress tucked into her tights, and the cake starts to melt in the heat, success is marked by ending the day Married, right?  Focus on the objective rather than how it looks, then you have a whole new perspective to be with when the process of getting there isn’t perfect.  Whatever that is.

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