Yes, I could very well be talking about money, wine or sleep, but it’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: I’m talking about SEX.

As I’ve talked about in this space, people feel comfortable talking to me about sex.  It’s because I’m a life coach, I think, but it’s also because  I just make it easy to do – I brought up this very topic to my networking group this morning, and while there were awkward giggles, I could also feel a sense of fun and adventure to have it brought up and it became a great theme for the remainder of the meeting – apparently it’s a topic with legs!

In my role, I hear stories and also complaints about this all the time – people are going weeks and months without it, some get it every day, and others fall somewhere outside of those two.  But sex is a little like money in that if you’re not getting enough to satisfy you (whatever that amount might be) then there’s a problem.

If there’s a disparity between the amount of sheet-time you would like to be having and the actual amount, I have some solutions:

  • this seems like a natural thing for me to say – after all, it is MY blog and I can do whatever I want – but talk to someone like me.  I’m in the business of designing sex that works.  We can look at giving your relationship (intimate and otherwise) a tune-up.  In these cases, I think of myself as a cummunication (heh — see what I did there with that typo?) and relationship consultant, not just a life coach.  I can advise things you may not know about, point you in positive ways, and allow some tantalizing sparks to fly
  • if you’re shy, enlist this thing called the Internet to help you – there are so, so many places where you can read articles, get some insight and also get ideas. And I’m not actually talking about porn, even though it would certainly be a suggestion I would make
  • look at creative solutions to make everyone happy – sometimes this will mean thinking outside of what’s been modelled for you for your whole life and seeing what works for you and your partner. With all due respect to your Grandparents who have been together for 60,000 years, we live in a different world, now, and knowing how and where you fit into it can make a huge difference
  • one word: TOYS!  And we’re not talking about Lego here.  Go check out a sexy store (I promise most of the people there to assist you will be accepting and gracious and it won’t feel creepy at all) or order privately from a place like Passion Parties.  Explore!

The bottom line here is to take hold of your own sexual pleasure: if you want more, then ask for it, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by how much you get, for shit’s sake, accept it!  Just kidding, mostly, but I can’t imagine this an actual problem.  If you do feel like you have too much sex (or are perhaps addicted to it), then take some responsibility and again, ask for what you want (or don’t).  If it’s not fun, find a way to make it that way.  If it hurts, go see your doctor.  If you want someone to do it with, go on some dates.  


If, after all of this, you are still displeased, and you  haven’t already, then please call me.  I can help, and you’ll be fully clothed the whole time.


Stay sexy, 


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