There are flavours and seasons to love. There’s a love that exists in stolen time in a cottage in the middle of nowhere; preparing food and sharing fires and bottles of wine. There’s a love that is plump with comfort as a family crowds around a big table to share tales of the day and laughs. There’s a love that is a solid wall of strength and a solemn promise of ‘We’ll get through this.’

There’s eager, impatient-puppy love, and reserved I-don’t-want-to-get-hurt-but-I-super-dig-you love.

What’s the love that exists in the summer?

Well, it’s fun and light and as timeless as the days are long. It’s hot, when it refuses to cool off for bedtime and as our skin gets more and more exposed. It’s full of the Fun Logistics of finding parking at the beach, making patio plans and camping supply lists.

When I look at relationships, one of the first things I tune into is the space of it;

what is the feel of whatever is between two people?

Imagine that between you and your mate that there is a plant. This plant sits in a pot and is between you, listening carefully to every exchange and every conversation that you have. This plant is what we call the ‘third entity’ – it’s the thing that each of you creates that lives between you.

With some of my personal relationships, there’s a lot of laughter between us, with some it’s more tender and caring, and with others it’s positively electric and we both crackle and sizzle a little.

Here’s the invitation: over the next week, amid the sweet love that sits in summertime, notice what exists between you and the people with whom you are in relationship. If there were a plant between you in your interactions, what would it say about your relationship? What is there and how does it shift?



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