Conversations with a relationship coach (and each other)

Turns out, the magic number is 5

There are some conversations couples just don’t seem to have. Big conversations about death, sex, family-of-origin issues, and parenting (to name a few.) Instead of risking a fight or creating tension, it seems easier to open a bottle of wine, curl up with Netflix, and just not have them, hoping it will all just work itself out.

But these big life topics aren’t going anywhere. Chances are, you’re going to deal with some sexual misalignment at some point, your parents are going to grow older and require your support, and you’re both going to reach the end of your lives, often with an illness preceding it. It’s so important, and strangely comforting, to lay out the cards together and be “all in” together.

At the same time, there exists a lovely stigma that if you speak with a “professional,” at any time in your relationship, it means you’re in some sort of trouble.

Am I right?

Here’s the thing: I am a freaking expert at having these conversations. Really. Nothing phases me. I don’t get uncomfortable. I am here for no other reason than to see my clients be more in love and in a deeper conversation together.

If you have things that should perhaps be discussed (and let’s be honest: we all know there are), then wouldn’t you like the superpowers to talk about them?

How it works is simple. You pick from a “menu” (of sorts) and let me know what you’d like to talk about. Then we have 5 Conversations that will change your relationship forever.

No long-term commitment, custom-designed topics that matter to you, and the financial commitment is less than the same 5 sessions of…gulp…therapy.

Curious? Book some no-obligation time with me and we’ll see about getting this party started.

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