“We’re all each other’s teachers.”

Sometimes (well, a lot of times) I get connected with people who are My People. You know what I mean? People who get me, people who I get. Soul-like connections. Andria Racich (pronounced “rasich”) is one of those people and I am so grateful for this conversation with Andria from The Innerview. 

Andria has been interested in hearing people’s stories all her life. The Innerview was born from the idea that everyone is important and has story to share. It is through taking the time to listen to others, and ourselves, that we can learn from one another. We are all each other’s teachers and hold many of the answers inside of us already.

With a background in transpersonal counselling psychology, she has cultivated her skills in listening, compassion, and empathy. Intuitively knowing where to guide her clients, each session uniquely tailored to the individual.

Andria believes in community, working together, and supporting one another through personal growth.

Stories are so important, and I’m so happy you’re here for this one.

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