“We were a mighty tribe, but we were rudderless. It forced me to grow up very quickly.”

Ellen Ercolini is a business strategist and gifted coach, and while that may be what you learn about her first, there is so much more to her: she is a veteran of loss and the fortune finder of the gifts her grief has brought her.

In this episode, we talk about the waves of impact in a family, growing up too soon, and the priceless wisdom we can all take when supporting grief in the community around us.

Ellen Ercolini is a money-making expert and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Often referred to as a business visionary, Ellen uses a combination of business acumen, creative thinking and coaching to help clients grow their business and skyrocket their incomes. When she was 20 she lost her father, and several other beloved family members in a 5 year timespan. While they do not define her, those experiences deeply impact who she is today. She’s happy to share her learnings around loss and grief to help soften and widen the path for others. There’s no one way to grieve, there’s no one type of grief, and she’s glad to contribute her learnings and experiences to the conversation around healing and love.


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