“It was honouring. Like going to war. I had to send it up to be healed.”

Today, we dive deep into the relationship “half-pipe” between Joy and Grief with Coach, Mother, Speaker, and Empathic Leader, Keri-Anne Livingstone.

When Keri-Anne suddenly lost her father in March of 2016, the resulting journey proved invaluable. She credits being “willing to ride the waves” of grief, and “revealing it to heal it” to where she has emerged today.

Keri-Anne’s irreverent, bold, and unashamed style brings humility and wisdom to the experience of grief.

Keri-Anne Livingstone is a comedic speaker, emotional empowerment coach and Intuitive Healer that facilitates the exploration, expression and expansion of Souls who came here to SERVE!

She works with Empaths, Helpers and Healers to live, love and lead more daringly through live workshops, group programs and private mentoring in order to get their gifts into the world with more ease, confidence and badassery.

Through outlets like her Empathetic Badass Community and LIVE Facebook Show, Daring to Suck, she brings raw, real and radical conversations to light that help humanity navigate Life, Death and all the WTFs in between.

Her side soul mission is to find the perfect GIF for every occasion, she makes up words on the fly and will often blurt out mantras like “Bless the Mess and Trust the Process” before she knows they’ve left her face.

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