It was my honour to interview Alison Tedford and to be sharing that episode with you.

Alison is an Indigenous business consultant and author from Abbotsford, BC. She is an expert in diversity and inclusion communications, a single mom and a woman living with a disability. She regularly writes for large publications and has worked on Indigenous issues for the majority of her career as a former public servant. 

I enjoyed our conversation, both for the stories and insight Alison shared, but also the lightness that showed up, too. I always appreciate levity in Big Topics, and this conversation offered it up generously. Like me, Alison has her fingers in many delightful projects and wouldn’t have it any other way. She is completing her new book, Stay Woke Not Broke, which is now available for pre-sale here or here, she continues to speak about her book Chronic Profit: Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain, and has a couple of exciting heart projects on the horizon, which involve rompers (making them!) and coffee (yes, please!)

Here are the ways that you can connect with Alison and follow her brilliance and offerings to the world.

Instagram & FB: @alisontedford

Twitter: @alliespins


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