“We are here to fill the shoes of the dead.”

Erin Zimmerman is one of those humans who just creates…space. She bounds with joy, she laughs easily, and she seems to make setbacks into stepping stones as she evolves. We crossed paths a little more than a year ago, at a kick-in-the-butt, meet-lots-of-people event in Texas. It was at that event that this podcast was born, actually. I love that she is doing work in the world that matters.

Her energy and light caught me immediately. I loved the story of her business and her family, and how she has honoured her own losses in the steps of her business. It was a joy to interview her last fall and I am truly thrilled to post her episode, at last, and share it here.

Here is Erin’s Official Bio:

Erin Zimmerman is the Visibility Guide & Visual Storyteller with her company, Elephant Social. Through small group programs, the Social Elephant Incubator Facebook Group, weekly emails, and 1:1 intensives, she helps business owners and laypeople alike get over the fear and overwhelm of consistent visibility to release their ideas into the world. Because we ALL have a genius inside of us that, when released, will change at LEAST one person’s life.

She is the queen of bringing ease and flow to the hustle, making vulnerability FUN!

Erin is also a photographer/videographer (director and editor) with Doubletake Productions – the company she owns with her twin sister Meredith.

When she’s not working, Erin likes to lift heavy things, knit, and hang out with her family in Kansas City!

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  1. DeAnne Joy

    I really enjoyed this podcast. Love the authentic, frank, dignified discussion about life and death. So in alignment with my experiences, philosophies and work. Thank you both for sharing your stories and your work. I look forward to following you both. Tara, greatly appreciate the forum you’ve created for these conversations. It is so greatly needed.
    Many thanks,
    DeAnne Joy

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