How fitting that I started this year speaking on CBC about “CHANGE” – feels like it’s the only real constant, isn’t it?

I may have stolen this photo from Pinterest…but I’m giving credit, does that count? Click the photo…it’s a link!

Big Life Coaching is now 2! And my coaching career is 6. I love that I am realizing dreams I had when I started my coach training back in 2008, and I love the growth I am experiencing and lives I am embiggening. And my magical power to make up words like ’embiggen’…

When I first took this little company of mine into a full-time adventure, I knew, even then, that I wanted to be working with couples.  I didn’t quite know what that looked like as I went, so I coached individual folks and some couples and that was super-awesome-amazing to get to do. In the last few months, I have zeroed in like a laser beam on this again; I am shifting my practice to work exclusively with couples (with perhaps the odd exception) and am undergoing a huge brand refresh that will all launch in May.

Change, she is in the wind.


Thank you for your support along the way – at every turn, I get to feel ridiculously grateful for my clients, colleagues, family, cherished friends, and the people I haven’t even met yet, who get me out of bed in the morning when I think I could one day touch their lives.

So stay tuned and THANK YOU. I am going into these changes with a small amount of resistance, but I am quite sure great BIG things are on the other end.

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