I have found writing to be cathartic and a great tool to free my authentic self and identify what I know most to be true.  From time to time, I charge clients with writing through blocks they may have, and it was in this spirit that I asked Rachelle G. to write about some of her experiences as she moves towards her Big Life – please enjoy!

Are you afraid?  Is fear holding you back?  What would you do if there wasn’t such a thing called “fear”?

Tara challenged me to write something on her blog as a guest.  I was excited, motivated and was willing to beat Tara at this challenge she bestowed upon me.

Until I was ready to sit down to write, my saboteur appeared without my awareness. Instead of beginning to write, my saboteur started to procrastinate with cleaning the house, making a “To do list”, reading another chapter in a book, calling all my friends just to chat, watching Oprah and other little distractions (two children ages five and four).  Moreover, she turned me to unhealthy food choices to make my body and mind feel that I was not equipped to write something profound.

My saboteur was growing and growing.  This is one challenge she did not want me to succeed in.  The deadline came and went and I asked for an extension.  Tara, the loving soul she is, gently encouraged me with positive words and yes, an extension.  Her encouragement and supportive words assisted me in becoming aware of my saboteur.

The second I became aware, my saboteur started to shrink.  Out of this awareness, I discovered that fear was holding me back.  Furthermore, I was the one allowing it to do so. It took control of me.  So, what did I do?  I turned on the TV and watch Oprah’s Next Chapter, naturally.  Oprah was interviewing Jane Fonda’s adopted daughter, Mary.

During the interview, Mary stated that she got hired as a Park Ranger and that she was able to choose her next assignment.  She chose Antarctica.  “Why in the world would you want to go to Antarctica?”Jane Fonda asked her daughter.  Mary stated, “I am afraid of the cold.  And I want to confront my fear.”  Wow, that was powerful to me.  Here was someone who knows what her fear is and deliberately walked right into it willing.

Hearing this encouraged me in becoming aware of my fear of failing and the motivation to walk right into it.  Now, my saboteur was really beginning to shrink. The more I became aware, the more my saboteur shrunk.  For the rest of the week, I decided to look my fear right in the eye and started writing.

This may not be the most profound literature that I have written or will write.  It may not be on the Top Sellers list; however, I took the challenge and I completed it.  With one step at a time.  With an open awareness and willingness to overcome a fear.  This small step is propelling me in a direction to overcome other fears that are holding me back.

So what is holding you back?  What fear(s) are you allowing to control you?  I am reminded of a quote by Cynthia Occelli, “failure only exists when you quit.”

Now go and concur that fear!

Many thanks and huge kudos to my lovely client for her bravery and awareness of her dance with her saboteur.  What fears do you need to walk towards?


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