The challenge this week: find out where shame lives and bring it out in the open.

I’m sharing a personal (and surprisingly emotional) story to invite you to see what comes out of it. Here’s a hint: it’s not more shame.

Please reach out and let me know what happens in the comments.

Happy Sharing!



  1. Tina Overbury

    Hey Tara! Great video and GRRRRREAT TOPIC! I swear this summer has been the summer T A L K I N G with my hubby and it has required a lot of patience, a lot of breathing and a lot of just hanging in. We are 13 years in and shame hides in the closets of the years upon years of habits that never seem to be able to bust out and be healthy. That said… love is an organic thing and when we bring our shame to light and open up those dark corners, possibility can breathe again. But holy dinah… in this place SUPPORT IS NECESSARY and someone like you is the perfect place to start. Thanks for sharing! Tina

    • Tara Caffelle

      Thank you Tina! I love that you’re pointing out what we all think gets ‘Handled’ in relationship but the truth is, it’s always a work in progress and fulfilling work, too. Keep talking, you two. xo

  2. Renee

    Best CTT yet!

    Thank you so much for your authentic and real story. Thank you, thank you.

    • Tara Caffelle

      Oh, Renee! Thank YOU. Nothing like flinging your tears onto the internet to bring out the vulnerability hangover! So happy to be actually touching people.

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    […] Last week, we talked about flingin’ shame out into the open, and now I want you to look a leeetle more deeply: how can you let your family connection be different for you? What can you share to break down some shame barriers there? […]

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