Couple Talk Tuesday – Fall into Fall

It’s fall and it’s time to slow. things. down. And watch videos. And marvel at how Youtube can make me look so incredibly insane EVERY WEEK.

Couple Talk Tuesday – Wanna Be Single Returns…

This week on Couple Talk Tuesday: another reason to be happy with what you have. Enjoy!

Couple Talk Tuesday – 1st Base Homework

This week on Couple Tip Tuesday: a homework assignment. Click to see your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Couple Talk Tuesday – YOUR Questions!

Here we go: the first ‘episode’ (heh) where I address YOUR questions. I know! Fun, right? Keep ’em coming in the comments – I will be doing this regularly.  

Couple Talk Tuesday — Let’s Get REAL

We’re all guilty of not saying what’s really happening in our lives; it’s not as happy as it always appears. It’s time to lay it out and then have the great, deep, engaging conversations that come from it. Enjoy this week’s … Read More

Couple Tip Tuesday — Wanna Be Single?

Think the grass is greener over here in Single Land? Are you coveting the fancy-free-ness of those in your circle who seem to be blissfully unattached? Wherever you are, it’s time to appreciate where you are…enter this week’s video, the … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday Returns – da da DUN!

This week we’re talking about how are feelings are, well, ours. They are not actually the responsibility of our partner, even though we sometimes like to pretend that they are. Let me know your thoughts in the comments – do … Read More

The Hijacking of Couple Tip Tuesday (VIDEO)

Welcome! This little ditty appeared on Youtube earlier today, but if you’re seeing here, then the cat is CLEARLY out of the bag — we have a new website! So lovely to have you here – here’s the video this … Read MoreRead More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Sun in the Funnertime!

It’s summer and here’s the invitation: check out this week’s video, stay present to the BBQs and water fights, and see what you discover. What does summer mean to you? Let us know in the comments… xo

Couple Talk Tuesday – Time to Celebrate

Happy Canada Day! The invitation this week is to celebrate whatever you can find and take the time to pause…realize how super duper awesome life actually is. We’re working a little over here at Big Life; we’re counting down to … Read More