Couple Talk Tuesday – Grow what you want more of

Nookie November is going like gangbusters; there are couples all over the place waking up with me in their inboxes, I get emails from folks making me feel like some sort of Sex Fairy and I get to use all … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – November 11th

It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada, so we’re standing out in the sunny-cold to honour all the sacrifices that were and are being made in the name of peace. I am wearing all of my clothes in an attempt to … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – The Emotional Bank Account

Are you overdrawn? Rolling in it? I’m not talking about money; I’m talking about your emotional bank account. If it’s robust and plump and there is lots of goodwill between you and your partner, then you are more resilient and … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday…from the BEDROOM!

Couple Talk Tuesday returns! Last week was a wash over here, but CTT returns, from the bedroom. Yea. That’s right. You won’t want to miss the verra special invitation at the end…   Happy watching!

Couple Talk Tuesday – Just a Facecloth

  Last week, we talked about Softened Starts, and how we can begin discussions in such a way as to create better outcomes. Here’s a textbook example of one for your viewing pleasure, and a tiny sneak peek at what’s … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Soften Your Start

When we start softly, we get a groovier end. True Story. Next week, I’ll have a perfect (actual) example to share. See how you do with it and don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

Couple Talk Tuesday – WBS Returns

Think it’s all fun n’ games to be single. Yes, it can be – kissing new people, getting to do fun things that aren’t laundry and sitting around watching TV, but there are things missing that the coupled-up folks have. … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – A Family Affair

Last week, we talked about flingin’ shame out into the open, and now I want you to look a leeetle more deeply: how can you let your family connection be different for you? What can you share to break down … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Shame Busting

The challenge this week: find out where shame lives and bring it out in the open. I’m sharing a personal (and surprisingly emotional) story to invite you to see what comes out of it. Here’s a hint: it’s not more … Read More

Time to practice peacocking!

It’s fall. Resist the temptation to live in sweats and forget all about impressing each other – it won’t take a gargantuan effort, and it just might be worth it.   Let me know how it goes in the comments. … Read More