Ep 16 Tina Overbury: O My (Grief)

It was a JOY (it often is) to sit with Tina Overbury to talk about her one-women show debuting later this month. The show is O My God and it will be available for all to screen on May 28th. … Read More

What’s Enough, Anyway?

Ok, we’re going to talk about SEX. A few weeks ago, I jumped on a call with some clients, and when I asked where they wanted to go in the session, they blurted out: “Sex. We want to talk about … Read More

Relationships with Ghosts

As you read this (through the magic of technology) I am nearing the end of an epic hiking journey. I am hiking, for the second time in 10 years, the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. (If you would like … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – November 11th

It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada, so we’re standing out in the sunny-cold to honour all the sacrifices that were and are being made in the name of peace. I am wearing all of my clothes in an attempt to … Read More

Come to the Dark Light Side

Shame has been on my mind, both as a professional who sees clients holding what they feel will be rejected close to themselves and not daring to think of the (terrifying) other side of sharing and in my personal life, … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday Returns – da da DUN!

This week we’re talking about how are feelings are, well, ours. They are not actually the responsibility of our partner, even though we sometimes like to pretend that they are. Let me know your thoughts in the comments – do … Read More