My 6 Anti-Resolutions for 2017

I’m just going to come out and say it: the first week of January sucks. It does. In fact, the first half of January can probably pucker up and go kiss my ass. No matter how peacefully I try to … Read More

Surviving Family-ing

Oy. It’s here. The onslaught of holidays: ThanksgivingHalloweenChristmasNewYears It’s October, but Costco has had Christmas stuff out for several weeks, and I spotted eggnog at Safeway just the other day. What is up with all this? All the other hoopla … Read More

Relationships with Ghosts

As you read this (through the magic of technology) I am nearing the end of an epic hiking journey. I am hiking, for the second time in 10 years, the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. (If you would like … Read More

Name it + move it

My clients are really wise. Each time we speak, it’s a dance-in-the-moment conversation where they speak out loud some of the most profound, insightful and inspiring things. Last week it was this: “In our session last week, I have to … Read More

Dying Wishes

I recently said goodbye to my beloved Basset Hound, Baxter. It’s been almost a month without him, and while that is a blog post on its own, I want to share some things I noticed in the letting-him-go-ness of it … Read More

Sexless Marriage: the slippery slide

Imagine that you have a weekend pass to a huge waterpark. The waterpark has every sort of slide you can imagine, including the straight-shot one that drives your bathing suit into a giant atomic wedgie. You have plans to take … Read More

Lessons from the Grand Canyon

I climbed in and out of the Grand Canyon last weekend. It was damn hard. And as a coach, it seems like an occupational hazard that I have to learn from everything I do, and so after a week of … Read More

An Affair to Wake Up To

I remember it so clearly: we had gone for drinks after work, under the guise of it being a wind-down from a busy month-end. But we were the only two there. The chemistry between us was palpable, and to a … Read More

The Blindside

I remember it like it was yesterday – The Blindside. I was putting away groceries in the kitchen and my husband was standing beside me. I don’t actually remember the pre-amble of our conversation, I but I sure remember the … Read More

A Face for Radio?

We’ve been cooking up some interesting things over here at Big Life Headquarters: Baxter has a new bed to slumber on in a corner of the office, new clients are joining me to have fired-up lives, and now I am … Read More