Name it + move it

My clients are really wise. Each time we speak, it’s a dance-in-the-moment conversation where they speak out loud some of the most profound, insightful and inspiring things. Last week it was this: “In our session last week, I have to … Read More

The Day of Fathers

My favourite part of today isn’t giving a bunch of credit to my own Dad, although I definitely do. It’s noticing all the celebrations of fatherhood around me. With media all around us that loves to point out bumbling, fumbling … Read More

Notes from a Netflix Binge, vol 1

I spoke a few weeks ago about my bingeing/research I do on Netflix, and as I thought about it more, I noticed there is a veritable plethora of wisdom lying with me on the sofa. And so today, for your … Read More

And now I live with a Boy.

I moved out of the home I shared with my ex-husband more than five years ago. It was the end of January, and I remember I was allowed access to my small, two-bedroom suite a few days early. I called … Read More

Beginnings, Endings and Celebrations

I’m going to just come out and say it. Actually, I’m going to yell it: I THINK WE SHOULD PAUSE AND CELEBRATE A LOT MORE THAN WE DO. For various reasons, things end: loved ones die, we pass courses, we … Read More

An Affair to Wake Up To

I remember it so clearly: we had gone for drinks after work, under the guise of it being a wind-down from a busy month-end. But we were the only two there. The chemistry between us was palpable, and to a … Read More

Design your Valentine

It’s two days from Valentine’s Day. Are you ready? Did you buy some flowers? Buy a card? Make a card? Make a reservation? Buy some lingerie? Get something waxed? Write a love limerick that includes the word ‘Nantucket’? SNORE. I … Read More

The Blindside

I remember it like it was yesterday – The Blindside. I was putting away groceries in the kitchen and my husband was standing beside me. I don’t actually remember the pre-amble of our conversation, I but I sure remember the … Read More

My Own Relationship Navigator

In online dating, I don’t typically tell men that I am a relationship coach, partially because once you know my first name and that little fact, you can find out A LOT about me, but also because I dread the … Read More

Couple Talk Tuesday – Grow what you want more of

Nookie November is going like gangbusters; there are couples all over the place waking up with me in their inboxes, I get emails from folks making me feel like some sort of Sex Fairy and I get to use all … Read More